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04/28/2015 by Brian Eagen Click to Tweet

A Taste of Things to Come

When you hear someone mention cooking in the backcountry, you'll probably imagine simple trail mix, flavorless pasta, and mushy oatmeal. Well I am here to tell you that there is another way! Even if you are ultralight backpacking, you can still pack your meals full of flavors, fats, and colors -- which makes eating them an enjoyable experience and not just a task!

There are many different styles of outdoor cooking. From glamping, to pre-dehydrated meals, to fresh food in the backcountry -- I am going to touch on a lot of the important skills I've picked up during my many meals in the wilderness.

Over the next eight weeks I will be sharing a little bit about many different outdoor cooking-related things. Here's a preview of what's coming up:

  • - A look at caloric density and how to bring fresh food into the backcountry
  • - Recipe: Pesto pasta with salami and parmesan
  • - Recipe: Instant backcountry chili
  • - Recipe: Homemade dutch oven cinnamon rolls
  • - Recipe: Fry bake pizzas
  • - How to clean up after your meal while car camping and backpacking
  • - A round-up of tips and recipes from other outdoor industry experts

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All of this is culminating in a new Outdoor Blueprint Cookbooklet which will be available starting on June 16th. Look for the next online article about balancing calorically-dense foods with nutrient rich and flavorful foods next Tuesday.

I'm curious... What's your personal style of cooking in the outdoors? Let me know with a comment below.

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