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Updated On: 11/26/2016 by Brian Eagen

14 Gifts
Any Rock Climber Would Love

Gift shopping for a rock climber can be a daunting task. Rock climbers tend to be very picky about what types of gear they use, which makes choosing the perfect item for them a challenge. Luckily, here are some items that even the well-stocked climber will appreciate!

Below you’ll find 14 unique and useful gift ideas for the rock climber in your life.

14 Gifts any Rock Climber would Love pano
Rock Rings

Rock Rings: $30

Has your climber been mentioning they want to get in better climbing shape? A set of Rock Rings is a great way to get a little extra training in without leaving home.


Chalk: $12

Gym climbers go through chalk quickly. A big jug will help them keep well supplied for months to come. Metolius makes a chalk with a drying agent which is great for sweaty individuals, or consider Bison Designs if your climber has dry skin.

Climbing Magazines

Magazine Subscription: $15 - $50

Climbing magazines are full of awesome picture and stories to help inspire and entertain. A year long subscription is a great way to keep your climber motivated. Alpinist, Climbing, and Rock & Ice are all great choices.

Summit Pack

Summit Pack: $35

A summit pack is a small backpack that rock climbers use on long or multi-pitch routes. The REI Flash 18 is a fantastic bag for climbing, backpacking, or day-to-day use.

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Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve: $5 - $17

Help your climber heal damaged skin with this organic, unscented, skin-healing salve. It comes in a variety of sizes and is the perfect treatment for dry, cut, or abraded skin.

Valley Uprising

Valley Uprising: $25

Climbing culture in the United States was shaped to a large degree by the colorful history of Yosemite Valley. This film takes you from the early first ascents to the modern years and everything in between. It’s a must-see, both for the beautiful cinematography and for the rich history. Another great movie option is Meru.

Gym Membership or Classes

Gym Membership or Classes: $60 - $120

Is there a good climbing gym nearby? A membership or money for classes is a great way to support your climber. Most gyms offer prepaid gift cards, so you’ll still have something to wrap up.


Carabiners: $6+

I don’t know if I’ve ever met a climber who doesn’t want MORE carabiners. Small “Locking D” and “Wiregate” carabiners are a welcome addition to any climber's rack of gear.

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Guidebooks: $15 to $25

Has your climber been talking a lot about a specific climbing area? Scope out their bookshelf and purchase a guidebook if they don’t have one yet. This will require a little research, but Amazon is a great place to start. Not sure where they want to go? Get Fred Becky’s “100 Favorite North American Climbs.”

Climbing Mug on Etsy

Climbing Mug: $24

Etsy has some awesome mugs with climbing holds instead of handles. With one of these mugs, your climber will be able to practice their pinch grip while also sipping their coffee (Kidding. But seriously - this is a really cool gift!).

How to Climb 5.12

How to Climb 5.12 (Book): $12

Has your climber plateaued and is struggling to continue improving? This book provides a manual for breaking through to the next level.

Bouldering Brush

Bouldering Brush: $4

A brush is a great stocking stuffer for boulderers and gym climbers. With their new brush, your climber will be able to clean off chalky holds and successfully finish their current projects (Routes that a climber is working on but hasn’t completed.)

Alpinist's Alphabet

Alpinist's Alphabet: $30

Help decorate your climber’s wall with this beautiful poster by My Outdoor Alphabet. There is also a backpacking and cycling version available.

Still stumped? Give them a homemade gift card for “1 Climbing Trip - All Expenses Paid” and go with them on an adventure. Sometimes the best gift is a shared experience.

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