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Northern California's Highway 101
Road Trip Guide

The northern California coast is a place of quiet redwood groves, isolated coastline, and great natural wonder. On the Oregon border, Redwoods National & State Parks are home to massive trees stretching over 300 feet into the sky. At the Lost Coast, the highway is forced inland many miles while rugged sand beaches march on along the shore. Further south, the highway meets back up with the ocean along expansive bluff terraces and extended inlets.

Of all the Pacific Coast Highway sections, this is the place to venture further off the main road; go on a hike, explore one of the many scenic byways, and find a quiet place to sleep.

Here's what you'll find in the Northern California Highway 101 & 1 Road Trip Guide

Northern California Highway 1 Road Trip Guide pano

11) Crescent City

Fun Facts about Redwoods

  • 1) How Tall is Too Tall?
  • Coastal redwoods frequently grow to over 300 feet tall. Hyperion, the world’s tallest tree on record, stands 379.1 feet tall (that’s taller than the Statue of Liberty). Don’t bother to go looking for it though -- the location is a fiercely guarded secret.
  • 2) Roots for Days
  • Redwood roots are shallow, often extending 50 feet out on all sides. This is a good thing, because most redwoods only send their roots down 6 - 12 feet. You can see examples of this intricate root structure while looking at one of these fallen giants.
  • 3) Tall ≠ Old
  • A giant sequoia (part of the redwood family), named The President, gets the notoriety of being the fourth oldest living (non-cloning) tree at 3200 years old. However, tucked away along the eastern edge of California lives an even older species - the bristlecone pine. One bristlecone has a verified age of 5065 years old! Other notable stuff from 3000 BC: agriculture began in north Africa, the Sumerians began forming cities, and Troy was founded.
  • 4) Cameo
  • Redwood National Park has been the backdrop to many classic films. You might recognize scenes from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, just to name a few. Make sure to watch out for Ewoks and dinosaurs as you explore the park.
  • 5) Good Things Come in Small Packages
  • Despite their enormous size, redwoods start off small. A redwood seed is about the same size as a tomato seed (ie: tiny). It would take about 120,000 redwood seeds to equal one pound in weight. It’s a good thing that each tree produces about 100,000 seeds each year!


SOME AWESOME HIKE Why you should go here Additional information FIRST Look for any TAG along your route ATTRACTIONS (Shops, Museum, and Tourism Spots) VIEWPOINTS (Free Roadside Pulloffs) EATERIES (From Seafood Shacks to Fine Dining) HIKES (Mostly Short Dayhikes) CAMPING (For Bikers, Tenters, RVers, and Yurters) LODGING (Hotels, Motels, and Bed & Breakfasts) BREWERIES (Tasting, Touring, and often Food) WINERIES (Tasting and Touring) BEACHES (Some of the Best Spots to Relax) THE ICON TELLS YOU WHAT IS THERE CLICK THE TAG FOR MORE INFORMATION

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Brookings Smith River Yontocket Fort Dick Hiouchi Requa Klamath LIMITED CELLULAR SERVICE O N E W A Y S m i t h OREGON CALIFORNIA N 2 MILES 11) CRESCENT CITY 1 hour 20 minutes Drive Time 60 miles BATTERY POINT LIGHTHOUSE Scenic lighthouse on sea stack Visit during low tide only CHART ROOM RESTAURANT Waterside setting with seafood fare $5 - $28, also $3 wine by the glass LIGHTHOUSE INN Cozy base of operations for CA coast $90 - $145 per night OCEAN WORLD Pet a shark and watch the seal show $13 per adult, $8 per child RUMIANO CHEESE COMPANY CAs oldest family-owned cheese co. Sample the smoked mozzerella & more VITA CUCINA BAKERY & FOOD Diverse menu from pastries to pizza $2 - $9 CRESCENT CITY FRONT D G 5TH ELK VALLEY E l k TO HOWLAND HILL ROAD CRESCENT CITY LONE RANCH BEACH Large beach with very few people Tidepooling, strolling, photography SEA WEST RESTAURANT Excellent pad thai + drinks $8 - $12 SHIP ASHORE Luxury yacht grounded alongside road Closed but still a good photo op. CASA RUBIO Ocean-view rooms & a private beach $108 - $178 per night STOUT GROVE The most photogenic redwood grove 0.6 mile loop HIOUCHI INFO. CENTER Exhibits, film, and park information FREE! - open summer 9 am - 5 pm HOWLAND HILL ROAD Auto-tour through redwood groves 10 miles, one way, mostly unpaved TREES OF MYSTERY Northern CAs best tourism stop Gondola ride through the canopy KLAMATH RIVER PICNIC AREA Sweeping views overlooking estuary Watch for gray whales and seabirds LOG CABIN DINER Great breakfast + burgers & fries $8 - $12 KLAMATH RIVER JET TOURS 2-hour tour with tons of wildlife to see $45 adults, $35 teens, $25 children MILL CREEK CAMPGROUND Camping alongside huge redwoods $35 per night RAVENWOOD MOTEL Perfect base for redwood exploration $65 - $75 per night YUROK LOOP TRAIL False Klamath Cove & Lagoon Creek 1-mile loop, good for kids THOMAS CREEK BRIDGE Highest bridge in Oregon 345 ft tall, 956 ft long MOUNT EMILY RANCH B&B Rustic log home on Chetco River $100 - $225 per night BRANDY PEAK DISTILLERY Taste the local brandy on a cold day $20 - $42 per bottle SUPERFLY MARTINI BAR & GRILL Sunday brunch with mimosas $4 - 6 drinks, $5 - $12 food AZALEA CITY PARK Huge azalea & rhodedendrons Blooming in late April - May HARRIS BEACH STATE PARK Camping, beaching, sunsets $5 bike, $20 tent, $23 hookup, $43 yurt HOWLAND HILL ROAD Adds 1 hour Adds 12 miles

12) Redwoods National Park

How to Create a National Park

Redwood, unlike many national parks, has been put together grove by grove over the course of 57 years. Throughout the late 1800s and into the 1900s, the lumber industry had unrestricted access to over 2,000,000 acres of old-growth redwoods. While there was an attempt to begin saving the remaining groves in 1911, nothing began to happen until 1921.

The Save-The-Redwoods League, founded in 1918, began the conservation process with the purchase of the Raynal Bolling Memorial Grove (now in Humboldt Redwoods State Park). The founding of the California State Park system in 1927 created Prairie Creek Redwoods, Del Norte Coast Redwoods, and Jedediah Smith Redwoods (12a).

World War II caused further delays in forming an official national park due to the high demands of lumber. Finally, on October 2nd 1968, the bill for Redwood National Park was signed protecting an additional 100,000 acres of forest. Another 48,000 acres were added in 1978, but most of it had been previously logged.

Throughout coastal California you’ll find small patches of protected old-growth redwoods. These groves are a testament to the hard work and dedication groups of conservationists had over a hundred years ago. Without them, it is likely none of these redwood giants would remain.

Berry Glenn Orick Patricks Point Crannell Clam Beach McKinleyville Tyvee City Alliance Arcata Indianola Samoa Myrtletown LIMITED CELLULAR SERVICE NEWTON DRURY OPTION Adds 5 minutes 2 fewer miles FERN CANYON OPTION Adds 1 hour Adds 14 miles N E W T O N B D R U R Y BEACH BLUFFS GOLD N 2 MILES 12) REDWOODS NATIONAL PARK 1 hour 15 minutes Drive Time 63 miles FISHERMANS MEMORIAL Statue dedicated to whom the sea sustained... and those it claimed. CARSON MANSION “Most grand Victorian home in USA” Grab a photo from the outside - no tour CAFE NOONER Po’Boys, kebab plates, & burgers $7 - $16 BLESS MY SOUL CAFE Simple setting for Creole dining $6 - $24 LOST COAST BREWERY & CAFE Get a flight of all 10 beers + free tour $4.50 pints, $6 - $14 food CARTER HOUSE INNS Upscale lodging in Victorian houses $190 - $385 per night EUREKA A r c a t a B a y 1ST / WATERFRONT 2ND 3RD 6TH L H I EUREKA FERN CANYON H o m e FERN CANYON TRAIL Hike between 50ft high fern walls 1 mile loop, 75 ft gain/loss FERN CANYON TRINIDAD TRINIDAD HEAD TRAIL 360 view of the coastline from the top 1.25 miles round-trip, 300 ft gain/loss BEACHCOMBER CAFE Organic & local food w/ coffee & tea $4 - $11 TRINIDAD BAY B&B Cape Cod-style with ocean views $200 - $300 per night TRINIDAD MEMORIAL LIGHTHOUSE Dedicated to those lost at sea Access to the beach below